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Kolesnik & Norris

Kolesnik & Norris <!-- attorney lawyers legal -->

813 Main St South
Woodbury, CT


Atty Kolesnik, Atty Norris

Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Main Offices are located at 80 Central Avenue, Waterbury. Phone - 203-574-5233

The Law Firm of Kolesnik & Norris takes pride in having a large, experienced support staff willing to assist clients' needs.

The Firm is known to be aggressive, competent litigators in personal injury and divorce law. They excel in competent, detailed and thorough handling of real estate and business transactions, contracts and leases.

Visit us at our website: www.kolesnikandnorris.com

Contact Kolesnik & Norris by email: office@kolesnikandnorris.com

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